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We aim to educate and enlighten individuals and organizations on the importance of protecting their intellectual property rights

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MIPLG is a network of Intellectual Property (IP) and Competition Law advocates leading and propagating Intellectual Property Law for the education and implementation of Intellectual Property and Competition Laws in developing countries.


Competition Law

Intellectual Property and Competition Law share basic objectives of promoting consumer welfare and an efficient allocation of resources. IP is innovation and innovation constitutes an essential and dynamic component of an open and competitive market economy.

Copyright Law

There are creations their use of which is inevitable in our daily lives: entertainment, education, pleasure, art and so on. These works are an embodiment of the personality of the creator and a means of economic enhancement, hence, the protection and enforcement of exclusive rights.


Businesses and organisations use insignia; signs, marks, get-up or other symbols characteristics of their business, goods and services. These insignia are registered to prevent infringement by misrepresentation or malicious falsehood.

Patents & Design

A monopoly right over the commercial exploitation of an invention; mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, biotechnology and so on. Patent law sits firmly within an international context and is granted for a limited time.

International Dimension

A consideration of the international topics which possess a direct or indirect application in Intellectual Property and Competition laws in developing countries.

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