Victoria C. Onyeagbako
Legal Practitioner (FOUNDER)
Omolade Z. Adeyemi
Legal Practitioner
Victor Gbeyide
Legal practitioner
Mohammed T. Zayyad
Ibeh Goodness Caleb
IT Support
Deborah Nwanguma
Legal Practitioner
IP Law enables people benefit from their inventions. In this digital age however, its enforcement is very challenging. As this aspect of law evolves, i'm willing to educate and make a change. MIPLG affords me the opportunity.
Michael Ofosu-Duodu
Law Lecturer

There's more to what IP actually stands for. MIPLG is a timely intervention to accentuate IP's essence in an unflinching mood of confusion, free-riding, counterfeiting, piracy, etc, especially while authors have not yet relented in their creativity.

Nkoyo Iyanam
Legal Practitioner

The protection of the creation of the human mind is the purview of IP law. The exclusive right to the benefits of the creation of your mind should be a fundamental human right. I'm passionate about all of the above and MIPLG gives me the platform to express and explore that passion.

Ogechi S. Amachukwu
Lawyer, Livestyle Vlogger

Take away one's exclusive ownership rights, and there would be no drive to create. In recent times IP laws have created a global impact which cannot be over emphasized for its economic and cultural reliability. I am proud to be part of this impact through MIPLG.

Nana Mensah-Bonsu
Tech is gradually taking over the productive aspect of our daily activities, Who protects the moral interests, economic and intellectual property rights of tech developers? MIPLG is here to serve as a guide for individuals in tech in Africa and the diaspora on IP related matters.
Dikenagha E. Nwaneri
IP Law protects not just the moral, but most importantly, the economic values in the creations of our minds. Until we are able to perfectly protect the originality of our ideas, arts, works etc, our economy will remain destitute, for it is our ideas that generates people to either purchase or invest in new developments.
Samuel Tobi Afolabi
Law student
Think it, imagine it and create it. IP Law will Protect it. IP is an indispensable catalyst of industrialization. I am passionate about impacting my society through IP. MIPLG avails me the opportunity.
Abiola A. Ayodele
Law student

The role of IP Law is crucial for the next generation of Lawyers because the need to legally protect the ingenuity of the mind has to take the front burner, I believe that MIPLG is an overdue community especially in this part of the developing world and I look forward to gain the tools it offers

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