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MIPLG PD SERIES (10th Seminar)

DATE: 24 October 2020

TIME: 7:00 PM (GMT +1)

TOPIC: Using Intellectual Property as Collateral for Credit Access

ANCHOR: Priscilla Mapinda


The Seminar commenced at 7:00 PM (GMT +1). 

The speaker stated that a “collateral” is that which is pledged as security to a lender as assurance for the repayment of a loan. She explained that the use of intellectual property (IP) as collateral is not a new concept but is largely underutilised as itremains unusual especially in most African countries. To demonstrate the relatively non-novel nature of using IP as collateral, she discussed a famous instance where IP was utilised as collateral ; that is, the case of Thomas Eddison who utilised his IP right on light bulb as collateral for a loan ascapital for his business. 

The speaker explained that IP collateral is divided into two; collateral on the IP right itself and collateral on the embodiment of the IP. 

She discussed the characteristics of a good IP collateral as follows:

a. Registration with relevant authority under the extant laws of a country. 

b. The Scope of protection.

c. Third party interests.

d. Value.

e. Marketability 

She further explained the limitations in using IP as collateral such as the statutory exceptions to the exclusivity of IP rights. She concluded by proffering recommendations on law and policy reforms to encourage the use of IP as collateral in commercial transactions.  

Her presentation was followed with an interactive Q & A session and the PD session was concluded at 8:00 PM (GMT +1). 


Victoria Onyeagbako.

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